Coastal Gateway Community Park in North Gulf Shores

Bird's Eye View of the Coastal Gateway Community Park Master Plan

Master Plan

The City of Gulf Shores began working with Dix.Hite + Partners in the Fall of 2022 to develop a master plan for the entire 127 acres of city-owned property located on Coastal Gateway Boulevard (County Road 8) with the intent to expand accessibility to city-provided services and amenities in North Gulf Shores.

The new master plan outlines a phased development strategy that includes:

  • Coastal Gateway Community Park: A central feature of the plan, offering a wide range of passive and active recreational amenities.
  • North/South Connector Road: An infrastructure improvement designed to enhance connectivity.
  • Future Elementary School Site: Identifying a location for a future elementary school to support the growing community.
  • Utility Enhancements: Upgrades to essential utilities for improved service.
  • Public Safety Facilities: A new fire station and police presence to ensure continued safety and well-being of the community.

The new master plan was unveiled at a public meeting on Monday, September 11 at the Erie Meyer Civic Center. Click here to view the presentation.

Project Background

In 2016, the City accepted the donation of approximately 40 acres of land located along what is now Coastal Gateway Boulevard. The donation was made to accommodate future schools, parks, and other public improvements that would eventually be needed to benefit the growing population in north Gulf Shores.

On June 8, 2021, residents were invited to participate in “Let’s Build a Park” planning exercises to help identify park and recreation elements to be considered, including a potential site for an elementary school and public safety facilities.

In December of 2021, the City had the opportunity to purchase an additional 81 +/- acres adjoining the park property, creating just over 127 acres to plan for public use. This 127-acre tract also contains the primary segment of a North/South Connector Road between Oak Road East and Coastal Gateway Boulevard.

Next Steps

The new master plan and phase one project information will be presented to the City Council to be considered for adoption at the City Council Work Session Meeting on Monday, September 18, at 4 p.m. in the Council Chambers. 

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