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About ten years ago, Gulf Shores set out to create Vision 2025: a strategic effort to ensure that Gulf Shores will be the most desirable small-town destination in the South to live, visit, retire, and invest. Our community wanted to ensure our town would provide an “enduring, wholesome, low-key, and pleasurable lifestyle amidst restorative and vibrant natural surroundings and a thriving economy.” 

In other words, we asked ourselves a simple question: How can we take our City from good to great? 

To answer that question, we identified key components – better healthcare, environmental stewardship, improved education, and new recreational options – that comprise a strong community. 

Over the past decade, the Gulf Shores community has made tremendous strides since we set out on our “Vision 2025,”  but we still have work to do. I’m pleased to announce that we are continuing our mission to take our City from good to great by starting the development process for “Vision 2035.”

However, we can't achieve this without the involvement of our community, and we want our residents to be involved from the very start of this process. Over the coming weeks, I invite Gulf Shores residents to bring their ideas, insights, and energy and get involved by joining one of the Vision 2035 Objective Committees. These committees will work in small groups to craft SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) objectives to achieve our City's goals over the next ten years. 

I know that as a community, we can determine and achieve our goals for the next decade. I believe all Gulf Shores residents share a common desire for our city to remain the best place to live, visit, retire, and invest, and we all want to build a better community for our children and grandchildren. 

After you sign up, stay tuned for additional announcements on how to get involved. I am truly excited for the next ten years, and I can’t wait to see what we achieve.  

Mayor Robert Craft

Vision 2035 Objective Committees

We’re launching six community objective committees that will think about, discuss, research, and recommend what the future of Gulf Shores should look like. Each objective committee will work together to craft SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) objectives to achieve our City's goals and vision over the next ten years.  

Safe, Small-Town Culture

Gulf Shores is an inclusive, diverse, and welcoming community that celebrates its heritage through the arts, meaningful community events, and shared values, which provides an excellent and safe place to raise a family, visit and retire. 

Environmental Resilience

Gulf Shores is a thriving, sustainable city deeply connected to our coastal environment, prepared with the knowledge and capacity to survive, adapt, and flourish, no matter what adversities we encounter. 

Planned Growth

Gulf Shores is made up of complete neighborhoods and districts with a range of quality housing options that reflect our coastal heritage, contain a variety of gathering spaces, and a mixture of uses seamlessly connected by a safe, efficient, multi-modal transportation system. 

Education for Life-long Learning

Gulf Shores is recognized as a premier learning hub where diverse educational opportunities are abundant and safe, and innovative learning environments inspire creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking for all ages. 

Health and Wellness

Gulf Shores is a center of active living that provides leading-edge healthcare and unmatched recreational opportunities that attract residents, businesses, and visitors who value community, individual physical health, and well-being.  

Diverse and Vibrant Economy

Gulf Shores is a dynamic year-round destination that enjoys greater economic diversity by cultivating entrepreneurship, fostering small business growth, enhancing tourism, and expanding new business opportunities.

How to Join a Committee

If you are interested in serving on an objective committee, please click below to register. Committee members will be required to attend a kick-off meeting in January and one to two follow-up meetings, as necessary. 

Gulf Shores Mayor Robert Craft
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