E-Bike Safety

Whether you rent or own an e-bike, the City of Gulf Shores is a great place to enjoy them. We have plenty of recreational trails, shops, and restaurants to stop at along your journey. But we also have some rules and regulations associated with riding e-bikes in Alabama. 

E-Bike Rules & Regulations

In the interest of safety, the City of Gulf Shores strives to make residents and visitors of the city safe for all at all times. Operators of e-bikes are reminded of the following rules and regulations as they relate to the State of Alabama law, City Ordinance, and general rules of etiquette:

  • E-bikes have the same responsibilities as motor vehicle drivers and must adhere to all rules of the road, to include stopping at stop signs and red lights
  • E-bikes should yield at all times when encountering pedestrians and bicycles
  • E-bikes must signal when turning
  • E-bikes shall utilize any usable path for bicycles that has been placed adjacent to a roadway 
  • E-bikes are prohibited from operating on sidewalks, this includes the sidewalk areas within Gulf Place
  • E-bikes should not ride two or more abreast except on paths or parts of roadways set aside for the exclusive of bicycles and e-bikes
  • E-bikes should not operate in a reckless manner which could cause harm to the operator, passenger, or other members of the public
  • Individuals under the age of 16 may not operate a Class 3 e-bike and may only ride as a passenger on a Class 3 e-bike if the e-bike is designed to accommodate passengers
  • All operators of Class 3 e-bikes shall wear a properly fitted and fastened protective bicycle helmet that meets the standards provided by either the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission or the American Society for Testing and Materials