About Municipal Court

The Gulf Shores Municipal Court has jurisdiction over misdemeanor traffic cases, misdemeanor criminal cases, and violations of municipal ordinances that occur in the city limits or the Police jurisdiction of the City of Gulf Shores.

The Legal Authority used to bring cases in the Gulf Shores Municipal Court is the Code of Alabama, mainly Title 32 (traffic) and Title 13A (criminal), as adopted by city ordinance. The adopting ordinances and code sections, as well as other ordinances and code sections, enforced in the Municipal Court can be found in the Gulf Shores Municipal Code Book.

Roles & Responsibilities

Municipal Court Judge ¦ Honorable Frank Hollon
The municipal court judge resides over the municipal court clerk and magistrate(s), and hears any cases brought before the Gulf Shores Municipal Court. Appointed and approved by the mayor and City Council. The position of municipal court judge is created by the Code of Alabama and directed by the Supreme Court and the Alabama Administrative Office of Courts.

A municipal judge must be an attorney.

Municipal Court Prosecutor ¦ Kenneth R. Raines
The Municipal Court Prosecutor is a private Attorney appointed by the Mayor to prosecute cases brought before the Municipal Court. The Municipal Court Prosecutor will handle all prosecution of cases through the Municipal Court and upon any appeal to the Circuit Court.

Municipal Court Clerk ¦ Kenneth McKenzie
The municipal court clerk is responsible for the administration of the Municipal Court and its records, finances, and employees. Also, as magistrate, accepts fine payments, holds probable cause hearings, and issues warrants. Additionally the municipal court clerk holds initial appearance / bond hearings with incarcerated defendants. As administrative law judge, he / she will also conduct hearings of appeals from the final decisions of the City of Gulf Shores’ chief revenue officer relating to business licenses and taxation.

Municipal Court Magistrate ¦ Natasha Touchstone, Carmen Matthews, and Lesa Brannen
The municipal court magistrate accepts fine payments; hold probable cause hearings, and issues warrants. Additionally, the municipal court magistrate holds initial appearance / bond hearings with incarcerated defendants, as well as manages the clerical duties of the case files in the court.