Building Department

Responsibilities & Services

The Building Department serves multiple purposed within the city. This department issues all building, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing permits for all construction, including new, additions, repairs and alterations to help insure the construction is built to the adopted building codes. Please contact this department prior to beginning any project to see if a permit is required.

The department is also delegated by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management to enforce the Division 8, Coastal Regulations by monitoring the beach for construction activity and helps to insure the beach front is in compliance with these regulations.

The Building Department is responsible for administering the requirements of the National Flood Insurance Program for the city. They insure new structures and existing structures remain in compliance with the city’s Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance to insure the citizens receive the best flood rates available to the area. For more information, please click on Flood Preparedness.

The Building Department also performs Safety Inspections for Short Term Rental Properties/Units. These Inspection are required prior to the issuance of a Business License for the Rental Property. Safety Inspections shall be renewed every three years.

Our Location

CDD Building 2