Vision 2025

Small Town, Big Beach Vision 2025 for Sustainability
To Our Community,

The members of the Gulf Shores City Council and I recognize the significant opportunity that we have as a community to define the future for Gulf Shores and our obligation to put plans in place to make that future a reality for us all.

Our community relies greatly on our beachfront and thriving tourism industry. This industry allows us to welcome millions of visitors each year and generates 62% of the city’s annual revenue base. In recent years, we have experienced how delicate this balance between nature and economy can be and how our dependence on this segment of the economy leaves our community vulnerable to storms, oil spills and other disasters.

For nearly two years, our administration has worked with local stakeholder groups to develop a strategic plan to focus the growth and design the future of Gulf Shores. This plan is about shifting the mindset of our community from “let it happen” to “make it happen” by identifying strategies that help our community become more sustainable. These strategies will allow us to address challenges related to transportation, will create opportunities to diversify our tourism-dependent economy and will help us protect our natural environment and enhance the quality of life we all enjoy.

We are pleased to present the Small Town, Big Beach Vision 2025 for Sustainability. We encourage continued active participation and collaboration from our devoted community and look forward to working together to implement the plans detailed inside.


Robert Craft, Mayor
Carolyn Doughty, Mayor Pro Tempore - Place Two
Joe Garris, City Council - Place One
Philip Harris, City Council - Place Three
Jason Dyken, City Council - Place Four
Steve Jones, City Council - Place Five