Responsibilities & Services

The Executive Department provides experienced leadership to manage a dynamic, complex and growing community at a cost that is affordable to local taxpayers without contributing unduly to demands for government expenditures. To this end, the Executive Department works to govern by adopting appropriate legislation, policy, and program directions. The Executive Department strongly advocates for open government with a priority to provide community services and be highly responsive to citizen / customer needs and concerns. Effective delivery of this mandate requires a proactive approach, strategic planning and the commitment to focus on long-range goals.

This function is provided by the Executive Department which is comprised of:

The Executive Department is the focal point in setting direction for the operation of citywide departments and coordinating and planning its activities to insure that the city meets its short and long-term goals to maintain a clean, attractive, friendly, family oriented, beachside community with an excellent quality of life for all residents, and visitors with a protected environment and a year round, sustainable economy.