Public Records

Requesting Public Records

It is the policy of the City of Gulf Shores to provide copies of public documents upon request in an expedient manner.  Public records are available for public inspection and copying on a reasonable basis, subject to the policies established herein.  Such requests, particularly those involving a large volume of information, will be handled on a time available basis.   The Records Custodian for the City of Gulf Shores shall be the City Clerk.

Request Process

  1. Any person wishing to review or receive copies of public records must complete the Request for Public Records form.  The person seeking to review or receive copies of public records must show that he or she has a direct, legitimate interest in the documents sought.  The City is entitled to require verifiable information as to the identity of the person requesting the records, as well as that of the person receiving such information.
  2. AG Opinion 2018-030 - The request must be signed by a resident of Alabama.
  3. The Request for Public Records form will be forwarded to the Records Custodian for review and approval or disapproval.  If disapproved, the applicant will be provided the reason for such.  Requests for review or copying of voluminous records will be referred to the City Administrator.
  4. If access to review is granted, the Records Custodian, or their designee, will make an appointment with the applicant to review the records in City Hall.  No records will be taken from City Hall under any circumstances.  The Records Custodian, or their designee, will be present with the applicant during the review of the records to ensure no damage occurs and no records are removed.
  5. The Records Custodian, or their designee, will make copies of records.
  6. The City is entitled to recover the costs of providing requested information.  A Research Fee in the amount of $25.00 will be charged on all requests and any additional time over one hour will be billed at $15.00 per hour. Digital Copies will be charged at a rate of $5 up to 5 MB and an additional $1/1MB. Copy charges shall also be charged at $.50 per page.  If the applicant requests the records be mailed or faxed, additional charges will apply.  An itemized bill will be given to the applicant with payment due prior to release of the records.
  7. The only exceptions to these procedures will be:

For more information regarding a Public Records Request, contact Emily Tidwell at (251) 968-1126.

Requesting Access to Public Records

Public Records requests can be made in the following ways:

  • In person at 203 Clubhouse Drive, Suite A 
  • By mail at P. O. Box 299 (zip 36547), by fax (251) 968-4459
  • Submitted through our online form.

Records Request Form

Mailing Address 

City of Gulf Shores
203 Clubhouse Drive, Suite A
P.O. Box 299
Gulf Shores, AL 36547





For more information view Resolution No: 3343-02: Public Records Policy.