Engineering & Transportation

Responsibilities & Services

The Engineering Department provides civil engineering services for the City, assists Community Development by providing engineering reviews and civil inspections for all commercial, multi-family, and residential developments, administers municipal capital improvement projects, and maintains all of the traffic control systems within the corporate limits. 

Engineering Division develops short-term & long-term infrastructure improvements to keep up with growth, oversees beach renourishments, performs occasional in-house engineering design, provides civil engineering plan reviews for commercial, multi-family and residential developments, and administers Land Disturbing and Utility Permits.  Engineering also develops and administer the City Franchises for commercial and residential waste.  In addition, the administrative staff provides critical information to our citizens related to traffic, stormwater, trash collection, residential garbage collection, recycling and other utility information.

The Construction Division administers municipal capital improvement projects.  Construction works with the City Engineer/officials/staff and residents to develop capital improvement projects and budgets for adoption in the 10-Year Capital Improvement Plan.  Once adopted, Construction coordinates with architects/engineers/staff to develop plans/specifications,  selects a contractor, and implements the project.  During project construction they oversee and administer all construction related purchasing, invoicing, and inspections.  Construction also provides inspections of commercial, multi-family and residential developments. 

The Transportation Division maintains all of the traffic control systems within the corporate limits.  They work with the City Engineer and ALDOT to calibrate and repair the numerous traffic control systems within the corporate limits to insure they operate at optimal efficiency.  Transportation also provides critical traffic count and level of service data to the City Engineer to assist with infrastructure planning and economic development