Methods of Procurement

Methods of Procurement

The procurement procedure used is based on the dollar amount involved in a purchase or series of purchases. Though not all aspects of procurement can be covered in a brief summary, the guide below should provide vendors with enough information to know what to expect under normal circumstances for most goods and services.

$15,000 and Above

Generally, goods or services exceeding $15,000 are acquired using one of the formal methods outlined in the Alabama Competitive Bid Law. The two formal methods most commonly used are Competitive Sealed Bidding and Competitive Sealed Proposals.
  • For both bids and proposals, written invitations will be posted for at least fourteen (14) days on the City's website.
  • For Competitive Sealed Bidding, award is made to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder.
  • For Competitive Sealed Proposals, award is made to the best proposal in accordance with the evaluation criteria listed in the proposal documents.
  • Responses for both bids and proposals are available for viewing by request after the internal evaluation and contract award is completed. Requests may be made to the Purchasing Officer.

Below $15,000

For goods and services estimated to cost less than $15,000, the City uses more informal methods based on competitive principals, but taking less time and expense. Informal quotations and proposals may be requested and received by telephone, email, fax, or other unsealed methods that expedite the exchange of information between the vendor and the City.