Sales Tax

Sales tax is due on retail of any tangible personal property including businesses that are conducting or operating places of amusement or entertainment in the city’s corporate limits as well as the police jurisdiction. The business acts as an agent for the city by collecting and remitting back sales tax from its Gulf Shores customers.

All taxes are due on or postmarked by the 20th for the month prior. A tax return is required to be filed even if there were no taxes collected or receipts earned.

A failure to timely file and pay penalty plus interest will be assessed on any tax not filed and/or paid by the 20th of the month in which the tax is due.

Sales Tax General Rate
Gulf Shores total Sales Tax is 10% Corporate Limits/8.5% Police Jurisdiction
  • 4% - State of Alabama
  • 3% - Baldwin County
  • 3% - City - Corporate Limits/1.5% - City - Police Jurisdiction
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