Medical Transport Membership

The City of Gulf Shores provides a complimentary air and ground ambulance service membership through AirMedCare Network for all permanent residents of Gulf Shores. The cost of any Gulf Shores resident transported via ground or air by any AirMedCare Network provider, including Medstar Ambulance and Medstar AirCare, from a pickup location in Baldwin County is covered under this membership. In the event a Gulf Shores resident is transported by an AirMedCare Network provider, payment for the transport over and above the patient's insurance benefit limit will be covered with no additional out-of-pocket expense. If the patient transported is uninsured at the time of the transport, the provider will bill the covered person at the Medicare Allowable Rate for the transport.

Residents may elect to obtain a full AirMedCare Network emergency air household membership by completing an application and paying an additional $45 per household ($35 per household for seniors). Full membership has no insurance or pickup location restrictions. This will provide coverage for all AirMedCare Network air ambulance transports across a 38 state coverage area. In addition, residents without medical insurance can upgrade to a full ground membership for $35 a year which will eliminate the uninsured exception above. Click here to learn more.

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