Home Safety Survey

Home safety surveys are available to qualifying homes within the City of Gulf Shores. This free service is by appointment only and can be requested online.

What is a Home Safety Survey? 

Home safety surveys are designed to identify fire and life-safety hazards such as slipping, tripping, cooking, etc. Upon surveying your home, GSFR firefighters can provide written recommendations the homeowner can follow to reduce fire and life-safety hazards.

Home Safety Survey Qualifications:

  • The dwelling must be owner-occupied.
  • The property must be a single-family dwelling in the City of Gulf Shores.
  • The homeowner must be home during the time of survey.
  • The homeowner requesting survey will be required to complete an application and sign a waiver on the day of survey.
  • The homeowner requesting survey will be required to create a Community Connect profile.
    • Community Connect is a safe and secure online program available at no cost to our residents. It allows residents to provide our firefighters and emergency personnel with critical property and occupant information to help us better serve you during an emergency. For more information on Community Connect, click here. 

Fill out a form to have your home surveyed!

If you fit the criteria above and wish to request the FREE Home Safety Survey, click here to fill out a form, and someone from our team will be in contact with you shortly. You can also call 251-968-7422. 

Please note a Home Safety Survey is not a substitute for professional inspection and cleaning of fireplaces and furnaces.