Tow Truck Registration

The Gulf Shores Police Department developed the Rotation Tow Policy to:

  • Facilitate the safe, efficient and rapid removal of disabled vehicles or vehicles involved in collisions from highways served by the GSPD.
  • Tow vehicles in a manner that is convenient and user-friendly to the motoring public.
  • Ensure the safety of the motoring public, the officers of the GSPD and tow truck operators.

 The Department coordinates the publics and the Department's tow services, and integrates the ability of the tow community to provide service through the Tow Rotation Policy. The standards established by the policy are met by maintaining an open line of communication with the tow industry, and by recognizing the officers' obligations in the performance of their duties relative to vehicle towing. This allows the Tow Rotation Program to respond to changes to maintain the high safety and service levels of the program. The GSPDs long-term goal is to maintain efficient and responsive tow service.

All Tow Truck Companies who are seeking to be placed on the “Rotation" list shall obtain both a permit from the Gulf Shores Police Department and a business license to provide towing services from the City of Gulf Shores along with other required licenses issued by applicable governing bodies.

Registration Packet

Alabama Background Check System

The Alabama background check System (ABC) is a secure, web-based site that allows qualifying employers to access the most up-to-date, comprehensive Alabama criminal records available for current and prospective employees. 

Please provide a list of all wrecker operators on the appropriate attached form. It will be the responsibility of the wrecker company to provide the GSPD with a criminal and driver history on each wrecker operator. The following link will be used to take the applicant to the ALEA background check website: Any operator who is not approved will not be permitted on any rotation call or scene.