Golf Cart Registration

The following documents will be the information needed to register your golf cart for use on designated cart streets. This package consists of the registration and inspection form and information regarded the rules and regulations for use of a golf cart on designated cart streets. The following steps will be required in order to register your golf cart:
  1. Complete, and sign the golf cart registration where indicated. 
  2. Proof of insurance must be obtained for the golf cart.
  3. Gulf Shores Police Department must inspect and check off the required equipment. All equipment must be present at the time of inspection. 
  4. The City of Gulf Shores requires golf cart owners must read and understand the rules and regulations for operation of a golf cart. 
  5. A yearly $25 fee will be charged for a golf cart permit. Once paid the permit will be obtained and placed on the windshield. 
  6. This permit is good for one calendar year beginning in January of each year. In the event you change addresses in the city limits of Gulf Shores you must notify the Gulf Shores Police Department. 
Please take into consideration that the operation of a golf cart on designated cart streets is a privilege. Gulf Shores Police Department and the city reserve the right to revoke and deny any golf cart registration which is deemed necessary. Stay safe and follow the traffic laws.