Annual Report

The Annual Report provides an overview of the accomplishments and challenges of the Gulf Shores Police Department (GSPD) in the past year. It touches on some of our programs and identifies some of our members that have distinguished themselves through superior service to our city.

The GSPD has now become and will continue to be a regional law-enforcement leader due to the excellence of our employees, our innovative use of technology and tactics, and dedication to improving the quality of life for the citizens and visitors of Gulf Shores.

As demonstrated throughout this report, we are continuing to work together as a community by forming partnerships with residents, other city departments and peer law enforcement agencies. With your support, we will maintain and improve the superior police service we are providing to the city.

In coming years GSPD will continue our efforts to protect persons and property by providing essential law enforcement services, while promoting community involvement, stability and order through service, assistance, and visibility.


Edward J. Delmore

Chief of Police