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Applications and Permits

  1. Emergency Volunteer Organization Permit Application

    This application is used to gather initial information about the volunteer organizations who will be mobilized in the event of an... More…

  1. Golf Cart Inspection Request

    Annual registration and inspections are required for golf cart owners.


  1. Request For Access to Public Records

    It is the policy of the City of Gulf Shores to provide copies of public documents upon request in an expedient manner. Public records... More…

Fire Department

  1. ACLS and PALS

    These classes are open to anyone in the health field and need these classes and are only offered on the days below. They are eight... More…

  2. Apparatus/Equipment Check-Off Form
  3. Commendation for service received

    This form allows you to submit a formal recognition for great service you received from our department.

  4. Damaged or Lost Apparatus/ Equipment Report
  5. Gulf Shores Fire and Emergency Services Classroom request

    This form is required whenever a function, class or event is wanting to be held in the classroom of Gulf Shores Fire Station 1.

  6. Health Care Provider CPR

    This course is for professional health care providers (Doctors, nurses, Paramedics, etc..) and covers CPR for infants, children, and... More…

  7. Home Safety Survey

    Inspection Scheduling, Customer Service, for Fire Marshal/Fire Code Official. Non-emergency requests only please dial 911 to report an... More…

  8. ISO Structure Fire Work Sheet

    ISO Structure Fire Work Sheet

  9. Monthly Fluid Inventory Log

    Monthly IV Fluid Log

  10. Monthly Site Storage Morphine Inventory

    Main Morphine Storage Inventory

  11. Monthly Site Storage Valium Inventory

    Main Valium Storage Inventory

  12. PMO Form

    Medication administration form. Not for controlled substances, use Controlled substance form for Morphine or Valium.

  13. Smoke Alarm Installation Request

    Gulf Shores Fire Rescue (GSFR) is participating in the “Get Alarmed Alabama!” smoke alarm initiative to ensure all homes throughout... More…

  1. Apparatus Equipment Change
  2. Change In Duty Request
  3. Controlled Substance Form

    Controlled Substance Form for Morphine and Valium

  4. GSFR Pre Fire Plan Site Report

    Verification of Pre Plan Activity

  5. Gulf Shores Fire Rescue CPR Course Sign Up
  6. Heart Saver CPR AED and First Aid

    This course covers CPR for infants, children, and adults; along with teaching attendees the proper use of an Automated External... More…

  7. Hose Test Data Sheet
  8. Monthly Drug Box Inventory
  9. Monthly Site Storage Fentanyl Inventory

    Main Fentanyl Storage Inventory

  10. Monthly Site Storage Valium Inventory

    Main Valium Storage Inventory

  11. Monthly Site Storage Versed Inventory

    Main Versed Storage Inventory

  12. Request a Fire Department visit for your Group or Event

    Use this form to send a request for a presentation or visit for your event or group from the Fire Department. Topics: EMS / Fire /... More…

Information Technology

  1. Request for IT Assistance - Audio/Visual Setup

    This form will provide both our internal and external customers a way to request equipment and/or assistance with audio/visual setup ... More…


  1. Assignment Alert

    Teachers: help us help your students! Please use this alert form to let us know when students may be using the public library for... More…

  1. Contact Us


  1. Application for Alarm Permit

    Application for Alarm Permit 2017 Ordinance 356 Regulating Automatic and Manual Alarm Systems

  2. Close Patrol Request

    Close Patrol Request Form

  3. GSPD Staff Report
  4. Rotation Wrecker Application
  5. Rotation Wrecker Information Sheet

    Please fill out a separate form for each tow truck.

  1. Citizen Police Academy Application
  2. GSPD Background Packet
  3. Ride-Along Application
  4. Rotation Wrecker Driver Information Sheet

    Please fill out a separate form for each driver.

  5. Rotation Wrecker Inspection Checklist


  1. Declaration of Surplus Property

    For use when submitting items to surplus

  2. Vendor Application
  1. Request for Transfer of Fixed Asset

    For use when requesting the interdepartmental transfer of a fixed asset


  1. Local Emergency Contact Information Form for Licensed Short Term Rentals

    This information is required due to the adoption of Ordinance No. 1732, Article I, Section 8-41 and 8-42 to further regulate the... More…

  2. Taxpayer Information Change Form
  1. Property Management Addition/Deletion Form